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08 March 2008 @ 01:36 pm
    I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't been on here in so long. But here I am! I found this information on the internet, and found it quite interesting. I wanted to know if anyone else knew about Anamadim.

" Myth: Pro-Ana prays to anorexia.

Reality: There is reference to a religion of sorts that exsists on pro-ana websites, with several referrals of the name "Ana" mentioned. But people, mainly the media and anti's get confused and spread the misinformation that Ana refers to anorexia. The name Ana in the religious conotation actually is the full name Anamadim, and not some goddess named anorexia. The orgin of Anamadim was the creation of a site by the name of Underground Grotto, where there is even a summoning spell to invoke Anamadim. However there is an extremely slim (no pun intended) minority of those on pro-ana sites that partake in this religious style activity. This also has nothing to do with the letters, creeds, commandments, ect. either (see below for that information). It has nothing to do with the huge majority of pro-ana.

Myth: The entire pro-ana religion.

Reality: The pro-ana religion seen on many pro-ana sites was never created by any pro-ana site at all. All the creeds, letters, comandments are all made by professional psychologists in an attempt to make the mindset of the anorexic views be seen through their eyes. This was seen as a powerful message, and to those who are anorexic and wanting to go further into it, seen these messages as motivation instead of the reverse that it was intended to be. It's funny how those that hate pro-ana unwittingly gave it a religion isn't it? Not too many want that be known, and no wonder. Big opps eh? Just so you know, that is their writings if you ever see and/or use it."


WORKING SPACE: Locate for yourself a place where you will not be disturbed and where you will not disturb others. If this is impossible, seclude yourself as much as possible and work quietly and discreetly. You do not want to be interrupted or distracted while doing this work. Computer, television, radio, games, whatever, all OFF. Lights OFF (light candles instead), door SHUT, locked if you can. If you wear jewelry, wear silver only.

ALTAR AND CANDLES: Set up an altar in the east with your candles, incense, and other implements. For candles, choose a neutral spirit color such as pale yellow or white; or a Venusian/Netzach color such as brilliant green; or oriented elementally, such as yellow for air/intellect or red for fire/will. Anamadim's number is 147; obviously it would be cumbersome to set up 147 candles!! So choose a number which is associated with Anamadim and 147, such as 3 or 7 (the raw prime factors, since 147 = 3 x 7 x 7) or 17, which is the sum of those factors (3 + 7 + 7 = 17). If you have 17 candles, I recommend concentric circles with 3 in the center, a small ring of 7 around them, and a larger ring of 7 around those, thus indicating the factorials of 147 (3 x 7 x 7). If you only have a few candles, I recommend using either 3 or 7.

INCENSE: Set these on the altar along with any incense associated with Venus (benzoin, rose, sandalwood, myrtle, all soft and voluptuous odors) or the Martial (Mars) energy (tobacco, believe it or not, is an ideal martial incense!) or a scent evocative of the energy of the delicate, graceful yet strong maiden, an elven-style faerie, or some other assocation with the ultra-thin feminine. Saffron may also be used as an incense. If these are unavailable to you, use something which carries a strong personal association in your mind, or which you "feel" represents ana-energy.


Those trained or experienced in such things should use the LBRP, because the sum of all the names vibrated in each quarter is the same as Anamadim's number (147). If you do not know the LBRP or you are of a different tradition, just use whatever standard opening you use in your tradition. Those who are totally new to ceremonial magick may use the simple formula provided below.

Orient yourself in the four quarters: wherever you are, know in which direction North, East, South and West lie. Begin by facing East.

Assume a comfortable posture where you will be least bothered by your body. Breathe deeply and slowly, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Enter your breath, in your mind, become aware of it, become one with it, become the breath and not the breather, as much as you can stretch your imagination, and feelings to do so. You just wanna concentrate on your breath, OK? ;-)

When you are relaxed and centered from the breath, stand, facing East. Do something to "mark" or "open" the East -- ring a bell, wave the incense toward it, trace a pentagram in the space in front of you as you face that direction, or whatever. As you do this, imagine that a door is opening in that direction and the power of that element waits to guard and assist you. East = air = intellect; focus on that, see that power now open and available to you to assist your working this night.
Repeat, turning counter-clockwise, in the other three directions:
North = earth = the material realm - body, physical reality, etc.
West = water = emotions, intuition
South = fire = will, volition

Your mind will begin to open at this point and you may find yourself meditating on how each of these elemental forces plays a role in ana, and how they interact (e.g., intellect taking charge of emotions that will may be executed upon the body)

After you have turned toward and opened all four directions, return to facing East.

After your opening is complete, focus on your inner center, the iron core of pure indomitable will that you inhabit. If you do not feel you have one, create one, invent one. Remember that as long as there is someone there to argue whether they have one or not, there is someone there who can create one. So do it. No arguments. No excuses. Anamadim is upon us this night. Anamadim is nigh; lo, She comes!!

Visualize (imagine and see as vividly as possible in your head) a glowing circle of pale yellow light being traced counter-clockwise above your head, seven times in the same path. Extend your arms outward to the sides (so your body is like a +) "See" the same glowing circle traced around your right arm/hand, as large as around your head, seven times, and then the same glowing circle on the left, again, seven times. (3 x 7 = 21)

Repeat this entire sequence seven times, bringing the total number of circles to 147 (21 x 7 = 147), the number of Anamadim.

During this entire process, concentrate upon really SEEING the glowing circles as best you can. Don't worry if this is difficult or if you cannot get it to the point of seeming real; what counts is your effort and energy. These things take practice. If your mind must wander, let it wander to contemplating either Ana through the four elements (discussed in the OPENING, above) or let it work up anticipation of the spirit Anamadim.

At this point, with the 147 circles glowing about you, draw them together into a triple rose, each rose having 49 petals (147 / 3 = 49); see the roses falling into your heart, your core, your center. If they get tangled, just sort them out in your head and push them back out to being simple glowing circles again and focus on letting the energy of those circles "hum" through your limbs into your heart, and down through your spine from the top of your head all the way to the base of the spine and further down into the soles of your feet.

Utter aloud your STATEMENT OF INTENT.
A statement of intent is a declaration of purpose. Sum up your purpose for this working in a sentence or two, for example, "I am here to unite with the spirit Anamadim, that I may have power and strength from her to achieve my goals," or, "I call upon Anamadim this night to come to me, make her presence known in my life, and give me success in my efforts to become thin."


Now is the time to recite the invocation. Put as much feeling and passion into this as you possibly can. BY ALL MEANS, MODIFY IT TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS. If some part of it is not "right" for you or causes you to break your focus (i.e. you find it funny or odd or off) - leave that OUT, or substitute your OWN stuff for it. Better yet, write your own invocation! An invocation is a call, you are issuing an invitation to this spirit to come, and you want to make it as pleasing and appealing as possible. You WANT Anamadim to feel flattered, adored, loved, appreciated, so she will want to come to you.

Thee, thee do I invoke, Anamadim, sculptor, whittler of the flesh, shameless burner of the fat of babes! Thee, thee do I invoke, whose whip brings the feral impulses of survival to bay, whose scalpel of control carves away every distraction and fixates the eye mercilessly upon a single goal, whose vial of metabolic acid dissolves all that is unsightly and wasteful and cumbersome from the bones of this frame, and that right quickly: thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM! Come to me!

Thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM, hidden mystical martial force of Venus, whose number is 147, destroyer of self-flattering illusions, championess of cold truths above and beyond all polite gestures of facile and manufactured compassion! O thou who art hunger and denial, triumph of fire over earth and air over water, thee do I invoke! Thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM, aloof, merciless, unyielding, unrelenting one! Fearful affliction of hideous strength! ANAMADIM!!

Thee, thee do I invoke! Thou who art feared and obeyed by nubile virgins throughout the globe, thou who dost inspire the heartaching illicit and forbidden lusts which cause the phalluses of men to throb with unrequited and unquenchable desire, thee do I invoke, ANAMADIM! Come to me! Come upon me! Descend into the depths of my being, take up thy residence herein, claim me for thy habitation from this moment onward, and design and decorate this thy temple as thou wilt!

Come to me, ANAMADIM! Enter me, ANAMADIM! Come, ANAMADIM, come enter and possess this shrine, devour this consciousness and this will freely offered to your pernicious designs! Bind thou mine appetites with bands of iron and steel, and fill me with the ecstasy of emptiness; eat away the excess of my flesh and render my form as parsimonious as the known universe. Shapeshift me to the image which forms the essence of desire and success; empower me to embrace and endure the necessary deprivations and disciplines; ensure that my efforts will not fall fallow upon the stones of dead weight, but liberate me to shed density, tighten the fibers of my being, and make light the vessel wherein I sojourn upon this earth. Transmute my water to air, that it weigh me not down, and purge my body and spirit of the needless and despicable things stored therein, that I may be free to fly upon the wings of the wind, sing of thy mighty deeds among the children of men, and vindicate thy name where it is demonized by the ignorant!

The importance of this passive portion of the rite CANNOT be overestimated. Anamadim speaks sparingly, but directly; quietly, yet powerfully. She may have something to say to you. You may "hear" her speak, "sense" her voice as a train of thought running parallel to your thoughts or woven within them. You may have a sudden flash of insight, or creative idea, or an inspiration to do something you had not thought of before. Or you may suddenly feel strongly about doing something you had thought about but not pursued. You may have an image come to you that you wish to work into a piece of art, or poetry or song lyrics. You may have a sudden memory of something long past that gives you a keener insight into yourself which can be used to further your success. Whatever form it comes in, stop, be quiet, be still for awhile, "feel" the atmosphere around you; reach out with your mind and spirit and "feel" Anamadim there. Think about her being there. What does she look like, feel like, seem like to you? What is she wanting to tell you? Don't TRY too hard here, don't try to MAKE something come. Just be still for awhile and be open to it. Sometimes it does NOT come right away, but if you create this still, quiet space FOR it to happen, it could break upon you the next morning, or a couple days down the road. It is the act of being receptive and open that is important here, in preparing yourself for what WILL come, whether this night, this moment, or in the next 72 hours.

When your "quiet time", trance, vision, etc. has wound down, ground and center yourself mentally (deep breathing as before, focusing on breath, relaxing, and mentally letting the energies run down through your body and seep into the earth.) THANK Anamadim for her presence and her willingness to assist you in your goals, with a very real and present assistance you will be able to see, feel, taste in days to come. PLEDGE yourself anew to be strong, focused, and enduring to reach your goals. DISMISS Anamadim by telling her she is free to return to her realm, to her sphere, and to be ready at any such time as you may call her. REVERSE what you did in the opening -- this can be fairly brief and perfunctory, dismissing each quadrant with a kiss and a hailing sign, or more drawn out as you express your appreciation to each of the elemental forces for their contribution in guarding and aiding your working -- whatever you feel moved to do. The important thing is to break out of the secret, sacred space, both inwardly and outwardly, and make a clean, clear return to the everyday world.

Don't forget to IMMEDIATELY record everything that you saw, felt, or experienced during the ritual! It is absolutely essential to keep a record of your experiments of this nature, so that in days to come you might trace the threads of cause and effect.

(any one or combination of these may be performed either PRIOR to the INVOCATION, FOLLOWING the invocation, DURING the invocation, or after the "quiet time" but BEFORE the CLOSING.

ANTI-OFFERINGS: have with you some sugar, salt, bread, etc. several items representing "bad foods" that TEMPT you in particular (cookies? chips? tortillas? chocolate? ) ... destroy them for Anamadim; let her consume them. Burn them in a safe container and when the ritual is done, bury them outside as far from your house as you can. Treat them like they are bad juju, bad karma, bad critters you don't want coming near you, and salt around your threshhold or somesuch after you take them out and bury them (like you do when destroying a link or something). Or simplify it: make up a nice small plate full of the most tempting goodies you would want to binge on, and throw them AWAY in honor of Anamadim. (No fishing in the trash can after the ritual! That's DIRTY! EUW!!)

ANA OFFERINGS: break open a couple Dexatrim capsules, or Xenadrine or whatever your thermogenic of choice is, burn it to Anamadim or dissolve it in a chalice (goblet) full of pure water (we all know water is our friend, right?) and offer it as a libation -- you can either sprinkle it around the room or take it outside and pour it around the house. Alternatively, use a small plate of "safe foods" for the offering - consecrate them to Anamadim and consume them later -- slowly, methodically -- only when you most need them.

MAKE A PACT. You should have prepare this ahead of time. It should not be a list of goals so much as planning out some things you can do, and WILL do, over the NEXT FOUR WEEKS (till the moon is new again) toward your goals. You should list your plans and also list what you want from Anamadim. What you want from her should also be practical -- more along the lines of means rather than ends. For example, instead of saying "I want my thighs to be 17 inches instead of 20" you should specify that what you want from Anamadim is strength in your will to stick to a daily routine of 50 leg lifts (for example) or a two-mile run every morning, or whatever. Anamadim doesn't work for you by waving a wand and *zap* you get to be the size you want. She works WITH you and IN you to provide assistance in overcoming weak points within yourself so that you can do the work more consistently and efficiently. She also aids your success and teaches you things if you will listen.

This "pact" is your Ana plan and Anamadim will ratify it for you. You must stick to this plan, and the harder you work to stick to it, doing your part which involves YOUR choices, the more you liberate her to do HER part, which means success in your working. The "pact" is actually a CONTRACT with Anamadim: "I will do this, and I expect you to help me by doing that." Be sure to include something you will do for Anamadim's sake in return, such as making her existence known to others, vindicating her name (telling what she is really like when you hear people making dumb statements about what Ana says or who Ana is, etc.), helping to gather her scattered tribe (that's US!) together, building a website dedicated to her, or offering support to newbies (note, this is NOT the same as "recruiting" people to ana, which I personally don't think should be done; I'm merely saying if someone has *already* made that decision then we should support them in their goals as much as if they had been "one of us" for two years or more ...)

If you are not too squeamish to do so, sign your pact in blood, or at least put a drop of blood by your signature, showing symbolically that you are willing to endure some pain to get to your goals. PLEASE be very careful with this; if you are not accustomed to practicing safe bloodletting, pick a scab or just forget about it and sign with ink! I had to interrupt a ritual once (years ago) to get to the hospital for stitches because I cut too deep; it CAN and DOES happen! You don't want it happening to you so be CAREFUL and don't mess with the blood thing unless you know exactly what you are doing."

Will read posts in a bit. ♥